UGREEN Laptop Bag 13 -15.9 Inch (Gray) Model Number: LP437. Thoughtful design The use of three protective layers enables it to be fully protected against various types of defects. Among other things, LP437 is spill-proof thanks to its oxford polyester fabric. And the soft and dense PE foam combined with protective velvet is a combination that is responsible for reducing the risk of dents when accidentally hitting the equipment. Excellent workmanship The Ugreen bag also features a great and practical finish. You no longer need to worry that you will not be able to carry your most important items or the whole thing will be too heavy for transport. Light weight along with the appropriate arrangement of the compartments inside will increase your comfort while doing everyday tasks at work or school. Multiple uses Two carrying options for the Ugreen bag are sure to appeal to anyone who cares about comfort above all else. Grab it by the sturdy handle and forget about the fear of it falling out of your hands. If you’re travelling on a train, be sure to keep the bag close to you to prevent unwanted falls. LP437 looks fashionable in any version, and the elegant shade of grey will easily match your outfit.

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  • 13.9 inch
  • 14.9 inch
  • 15.9 inch